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Published: December 6, 2018

Category: Non-GMO News, The Organic & Non-GMO Report Newsletter

In Argentina, the food industry accounts for 62 percent of exports—400,000 tons of it in non-GMO corn—and occupies a global presence in key commodities. The country’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council and the Argentine Farming Association (AACREA) are teaming up with the UK’s N8 Agrifood, an organization of universities researching agricultural resilient and business opportunities, to ramp up non-GMO soy exports.

N8 Agrifood is investing $39,000 in three collaboration projects. The first involves improving efficiency of non-GMO soy production. The second project seeks to enhance grain quality and resistance in durum wheat, in the face of flooding, diseases, and pests.

“We still have very significant production gaps,” said Dr. Federico Bert of AACREA. “We need to accelerate the adoption of precision agriculture. We need to cope with climate change… farmers are changing their systems in order to mitigate greenhouse emissions. We also need to capture new business opportunities. If we want to be the supermarket of the world we need to develop new markets.”

The third project involves improving data collection and maximizing its value. Lancaster University and Durham University were represented at the recent conference cementing the partnership.


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