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U.S. pushing India to drop its non-GMO certification requirement for food imports

In its latest example of food imperialism, the United States continues to push India to drop its non-GMO certification for food, citing India’s domestic approval for environmental release of genetically modified mustard. The U.S. has lobbied to the World Trade Organization eight times over India’s requiring “non-GM origin and GM-free certificate” for 24 commodities imported […]

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EU’s proposed deregulation of new GMOs puts non-GMO food production at risk

In July, the European Commission presented its legislative proposal on “plants obtained by certain new genomic techniques and their food and feed.” It will water down or even abolish the current safety and transparency standards and puts the European Union’s GMO-free agriculture and food production at risk. ENGA calls on the European Parliament and Ministers […]

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Sevita introduces non-GMO, high oleic Alinova soybean variety

Sevita Genetics has received regulatory approval for Alinova, a non-GMO, high-oleic soybean variety, which is the first of its kind for Canada’s food-grade soybean industry. The variety, which is available for planting this growing season, is also tolerant to soybean cyst nematode. It is a mid- to late-season variety suitable for Ontario and Quebec growing […]

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International Non-GMO Summit focuses on ensuring non-GMO and deforestation-free supplies

GMO-free requires dialogue and cooperation along the entire value chain Consumers want food that is produced without genetic engineering and deforestation. There is sufficient non-GMO, deforestation-free feed (made from non-GMO soy) available for the European market, but equitable supply relationships and long-term contracts are necessary to ensure the supply security. These were the key conclusions […]

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“Ohne GenTechnik” (Non-GMO) is the most well-understood food label in Germany

A survey by the German Quality Seal Monitor 2023 has found that the green “Ohne GenTechnik” (Non-GMO) diamond is the most well-understood of the 20 food seals analyzed. To ensure that this remains the case, the EU’s GMO standards must be preserved. “In order to maintain the explicit message of ‘Ohne Gentechnik’ and the high […]

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