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BASS sees strong demand for non-GMO corn

BASS Genetics, Inc., (Danube, MN) has been developing non-GMO corn hybrids since 2005; the varieties they’ve sold since 2017 are saving farmers money, creating strong yields, and feeding an increasingly popular market. BASS (Baumgartner Agricultural Science and Service) recently received $53,662 from Ag Products Utilization Commission (APUC) to help develop another highly competitive non-GMO corn […]

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Non-GMO Project stands with Straus Family Creamery, other dairy farmers, as synbio milk accelerates

GMO “animal-free” dairy threatens non-GMO, organic producers During June Dairy Month, the Non-GMO Project joins American dairy farmers in calling out synthetic dairy, which is quietly appearing in grocery store coolers throughout North America. In recent years, “animal-free” dairy proteins have found their way into everything from ice cream to cream cheese to snack bars, but many shoppers, […]

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China’s non-GMO “seawater rice” could boost food security

A salt-tolerant rice, produced with conventional breeding, is being touted as a booster to China’s food security. Developed by scientist Yuan Longping, the rice has reported a yield of 4.6 metric tons per acres last year, higher than the national average for standard rice. However, current researchers are supposedly trying to introduce GM traits into […]

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Benson Hill’s new TruVail™ non-GMO soy protein brand reduces carbon and water use

Benson Hill food tech company has launched a new line of domestically sourced, non-GMO plant-based protein ingredients with unique sustainability benefits. The TruVail brand derives from proprietary Ultra-High Protein (UHP) soybeans, reducing need for additional processing steps typically required to concentrate protein levels. The non-GMO ingredient can be used for bakery, cereal, snacks, and meat […]

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Saving the banana the non-GMO way

By Jonathan Matthews and Claire Robinson For over 20 years in news story after news story they’ve been telling us that only genetic modification can save the banana—and yet again, such claims turn out not to be true. Edible bananas are sterile, they told us, and they can only be cloned, so if they’re very vulnerable […]

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