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GNT Launches Non-GMO Project Verified range of clean-label EXBERRY® color concentrates

EXBERRY® by GNT has created a new portfolio of Non-GMO Project Verified colors that eliminates the need for manufacturers to secure independent non-GMO approval. Based on the concept of coloring food with food, EXBERRY® colors are clean-label concentrates made from non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and plants using physical processing methods. However, navigating the verification process for non-GMO products […]

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Sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products see strong growth

Research from SPINS confirms the marketing power of the Non-GMO Project butterfly seal. From 2019 to 2021, frozen products carrying the Non-GMO Project seal rose 41.6%, nearly twice as much as products with no non-GMO label. Over two-thirds of consumers said they’re more likely to purchase products that are Non-GMO Project Verified. The report from […]

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Carlsberg Research Lab invents a new, ultra-fast non-GMO breeding technology to develop the crops of the future

Scientists at Carlsberg Research Laboratory in Denmark have invented the non-GMO breeding method FIND-IT to enhance yields, climate tolerance, and quality of crops. This is a groundbreaking step towards meeting the food requirements for our expanding global population, in the face of changing climatic conditions. The invention is published in the latest issue of Science […]

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More than half of all plant-based foods are Non-GMO Project Verified

Plant-based food sales rose to $7.4 billion last year, growing three times faster than total sales. Health, climate, and affordability concerns played a role. The Non-GMO Project’s butterfly seal appeared on 52% of those sales. Non-GMO Project Verified frozen plant-based meat alternatives rose 71.7%, for example, compared to 10.4% growth for unlabeled products. A current […]

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Non-GMO soy acres surging in Europe

Non-GMO soybeans are increasing strongly in Europe and the EU, according to ENGA (European Non-GMO Industry Association) member Donau Soja, a non-profit promoting GMO-free sustainable soy protein. The prediction is that planted soy areas will expand to 11.4 million acres—up 6.1% versus 2021—in Europe and 1.1 million in the EU-27 (up 11.7%). Soybean output might […]

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