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One Size Fits None: A Farm Girl’s Search for the Promise of Regenerative Agriculture

by Stephanie Anderson (University of Nebraska Press) Once a farm girl, always a farm girl….but one young woman raised on a conventional cattle ranch has discovered there’s more than one way to raise animals and tend the land. To her surprise, the way she’s chosen turns out to be far better for the soil, the […]

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For climate-smart farmers, carbon solution is in the soil

A sea change is redefining agricultural success—not by how much food soil can grow, but how much carbon dioxide the soil can retain. As farmers reel from climate-driven floods drowning millions of farm acres, and with global greenhouse gas emissions rising (up 13 percent from carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, and methane), regenerative agriculture practices are […]

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Regenerative agriculture draws interest of consumers

Awareness of regenerative agriculture is growing, supported by investments from food companies such as General Mills. Regenerative practices include focus on biodiversity, soil health, and enhancing ecosystems. The International Food Information Council Foundation’s 2019 Food & Health Survey questioned 1,012 Americans, ages 18 to 80, finding that 22 percent had heard of regenerative agriculture, and […]

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To address climate crisis, state legislatures are pushing dozens of bills on soil health

Regenerative agriculture is gaining traction in farming circles—and in state governments. Climate change events are sending the urgent message that climate and farming practices are linked. Regenerative practices create healthier soil, improve nutrition and yields, and reduce greenhouse emissions by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and storing it—while lessening impact of floods and drought. States […]

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Popular breakfast cereals could help farmers, reduce soil erosion and farm runoff, and take a bite out of climate change

Crop Rotations Could Save Over 70,000 Tons of Soil, Avert at Least $5.8 Million in Water Pollution Costs Leading cereal makers can help curb water pollution, combat climate change, and keep farmers profitable by making modest shifts in their grain purchasing practices, according to a new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). “Champions […]

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