Subscriber Testimonials

What subscribers say about The Organic & Non-GMO Report….

I constantly recommend The Organic & Non-GMO Report to my friends and colleagues as it is a very good source for the latest news and perspectives regarding GMOs and also many other issues relating to protecting our seed, agriculture, and food.”

Dag Falck, organic program manager, Nature’s Path Foods Inc., Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

The breadth of The Organic & Non-GMO Report is excellent, including national and global information. It is virtually impossible to keep up with all the news, but The Organic & Non-GMO Report helps me stay up to date on the most important issues.”

Chip Sundstrom, president, FJS Consulting, Davis, CA

I find The Organic & Non-GMO Report to be very useful in understanding the growing market for non-GMO grain and food. It offers valuable ideas and information about the needs of buyers in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.”

Maury Johnson, president, Blue River Hybrids, Kelley, IA

As a supplier of non-GMO and organic food grade corn and soybean products, we find The Organic & Non-GMO Report is a very important industry publication to keep us up-to-date with the rapid changes our industry faces. We read it cover to cover.”

Shane Dale, sales coordinator, Richland Organics, Breckenridge, MN

It’s great to have a resource like The Organic & Non-GMO Report. It’s the only newsletter of its kind that provides information to help companies produce non-GM foods.”

Dennis Singsank, president, American Health & Nutrition, Ann Arbor, MI

As a dedicated supplier exclusively of certified non-GMO raw materials for all of Europe, we consider The Organic & Non-GMO Report and The Non-GMO Sourcebook the foremost sources of information in this special market globally. In fact, we regularly recommend the pair to decision makers and strategists among our European clientele. To my knowledge, there is no other publication on the market that focuses so clearly on the very specific issues around the supply and quality standards of non-GMO materials as The Organic & Non-GMO Report does. We are glad that this publication exists.”

Jochen Koester, Marketing Director, AgroTrace, Geneva, Switzerland

The Organic & Non-GMO Report is well-written and objective. All the information is useful. For me it is a quick essential tool and the primary source of news on non-GM market news and genetically engineered food issues.”

Christian Dagenais, Bunge/Leblanc & Lafrance, Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada

We really appreciate the efforts of The Organic & Non-GMO Report and think it’s a wonderful resource.”

Robin Webster, general manager, WholeSoy & Co., San Francisco, CA

There’s nothing else out there like it!”

Ken Heinzman, president, Gateway Seed, Nashville, IL

The newsletter is of great appeal. It is structured and organized in a way that is easy to read and follow different topics. It is also an excellent source of information to be up-to date in the non-GMO and organic foods arena.”

Luis Sanchez, Jif-Pak Manufacturing Inc., Vista, CA

I find the information in the Organic and Non-GMO report to be useful.  It presents, in an objective way, information that is not usually covered in other media sources.”

Jon Cassista
, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, NOW Foods, Bloomingdale, IL

It’s an excellent publication. It’s the only newsletter I read cover to cover.

Ming Chang, Grocery Manager, Sunny Farms Country Store