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Mad Capital closes $4 million seed round to finance the regenerative agriculture revolution

Mad Capital team Investment led by Trailhead Capital to ramp up Mad Capital’s operations, expand their farmer ecosystem, and transition more acres into regenerative organic farmland. Mad Capital, an impact-focused lender that offers equitable, flexible funding for organic and transitioning farmers, recently announced that they’ve raised a $4 million seed round, led by Trailhead Capital. “Our goal […]

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The organic sector must respond to regenerative momentum

“Regenerative” has momentum. New partnerships, organizations, finance tools and certifications pop up daily. Those of us who have been working to promote regenerative organic practices for decades—including the organic pioneers at Rodale Institute who coined the term “regenerative agriculture” in the 80s—can rejoice. All newcomers focusing on soil regeneration, biodiversity and climate: Welcome! But let’s distinguish between […]

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Time for new approaches to US-Mexico corn trade

By Karen Hansen-Kuhn, opinion contributor As the world reels from the latest supply chain disruption, there is a growing movement internationally to rebuild resilience by increasing domestic production of food for local markets. This is a time for new solutions; unfortunately, there is growing pressure on trade officials to lock in business-as-usual approaches in this […]

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In the face of U.S. bullying, Mexico may soften its stance on GMO ban

Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador recently indicated that he may be softening his stance on a planned ban of GMO corn due to pressure from the U.S. government. President López Obrador recently said that he’s considering allowing imports of GMO yellow corn for livestock feed. He acknowledged foreign pressure at a recent news conference. […]

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Busting the Myths on New GMOs

As the European Union is preparing to decide on whether and how to deregulate new GMOs, Slow Food look sat the most frequent claims made by the biotechnology and seed industry to promote new GMOs and their deregulation. Spoiler: they’re misleading, if not deceptive. Myth #1: Changes brought by new GM techniques (or “genome editing”) to […]

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