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Report: Consumers distrust GMO foods, want non-GMO options

Linkage Research’s Free From Forum finds 35 percent of U.S. consumers place non-GMO at top of food purchasing criteria By Carl Jorgensen Genetic engineering is in the headlines these days, from gene-edited babies in China to a genetically modified ingredient that makes plant-based burgers “bleed.” While consumers may not understand the details of transgenics, CRISPR, […]

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Secret Ingredients: Recovering health through choosing the right foods

This film presents some startling information about the consequences of ingesting GMOs and pesticides—and conveys its message via numerous health professionals, and most poignantly, through personal stories of recovery from serious conditions. In less than 90 minutes, you come away highly educated on the subject of GMOs and the herbicide glyphosate, inspired to take charge […]

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Company implicated in organic grain fraud connected to similar incident in 2007

Jericho Solutions, which is being investigated for selling non-organic grains as organic from 2010 to 2017, was also accused of selling a railcar of GMO soybeans as organic in 2007. The company recently implicated in a scheme to sell non-organic corn and soybeans as organic was also connected to a fraudulent shipment of organic soybeans […]

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Experts say NSF’s non-GMO certification of GMO-derived sweetener sets “dangerous precedent”

  NSF’s True North non-GMO certification of Cargill’s EverSweet synthetic biology sweetener sets a “dangerous precedent,” which could allow other synbio ingredients to be non-GMO certified; diverges from Non-GMO Project standard on GMO microorganisms Consumer advocates and non-GMO food experts have criticized the non-GMO certification of Cargill’s EverSweet sweetener by NSF’s Non-GMO True North program […]

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Danone North America commits $6 million for regenerative agriculture, soil health research

Danone North America recently launched a ground-breaking soil health initiative with renowned experts and academics to build best-in-class soil health programs to benefit our farms and communities. The company shared an ambition to commit up to $6 million for the research program over the next five years. This program will begin with products involved in […]

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