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Mad Capital closes $4 million seed round to finance the regenerative agriculture revolution

Mad Capital team Investment led by Trailhead Capital to ramp up Mad Capital’s operations, expand their farmer ecosystem, and transition more acres into regenerative organic farmland. Mad Capital, an impact-focused lender that offers equitable, flexible funding for organic and transitioning farmers, recently announced that they’ve raised a $4 million seed round, led by Trailhead Capital. “Our goal […]

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The organic sector must respond to regenerative momentum

“Regenerative” has momentum. New partnerships, organizations, finance tools and certifications pop up daily. Those of us who have been working to promote regenerative organic practices for decades—including the organic pioneers at Rodale Institute who coined the term “regenerative agriculture” in the 80s—can rejoice. All newcomers focusing on soil regeneration, biodiversity and climate: Welcome! But let’s distinguish between […]

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New testing method for GMO crops developed

Researchers from North Carolina State University in Raleigh have presented a new method to determine whether safety testing of genetically modified crops is needed. Published in Science in September, the article reported that “genomics could be used to scan new crop varieties for unexpected DNA changes,” similar to the way biomedical sciences scan human genomes […]

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Crisis coalition seeks to help drought-impacted organic dairy farmers

Emergency relief is required for Western organic dairy producers to stave off shutdowns due to ongoing drought conditions. Straus Family Creamery of Petaluma, CA organized the Western Organic Dairy Farming Crisis Coalition in August 2022 to seek immediate help. Several organic dairies anticipate an average loss of $250,000 this year, to follow into 2023 if […]

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India’s Supreme Court halts release of GM mustard pending further investigation

In early November, the Supreme Court of India put a stay on a GEAC decision of October 18 that was used by the Ministry of Environment and Forests on October 25 to allow environmental release of GM mustard in five states. The herbicide-tolerant mustard won’t be released, pending further consideration on November 10. Ms. Aruna […]

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