Extreme Genetic Engineering

USDA official suggests gene editing could be used in organic production

The National Organic Program rules prohibit the use of genetic engineering in organic farming and processing, considering it an “excluded method.” But a U.S. Department of Agriculture official recently suggested weakening that rule to allow the use of gene editing in organic production. Speaking before a recent House Agriculture Subcommittee meeting, undersecretary Greg Ibach said: […]

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First gene-edited babies spark global outrage

Chinese scientist claims he altered embryos using CRISPR technology The announcement of the birth of twin girls whose DNA was modified by Chinese scientist He Jiankui—disabling a gene to block development of HIV—came right before the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong, Scientists and ethicists at the conference grilled He on […]

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CRISPR alert: gene-edited cells could trigger cancer

Two recent studies found that cells altered using the gene technology CRISPR-Cas9 for disease treatment could seed tumors leading to cancer. Developers of CRISPR-based therapies are taking a hard look at the research from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and Novartis, published in Nature Medicine. These new data raise concerns that a potentially “fatal flaw” in some […]

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Organic, non-GMO soybean facility to process gene-edited soybeans

Gene-edited crops are unregulated in the U.S. raising concerns about unintended consequences of the GMO technology

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GMO burger described as “Natural” at the Cheesecake Factory

The Impossible Burger, whose main ingredient is genetically engineered heme, is now served in Cheesecake Factory restaurants, and is described as “Natural” on the restaurant’s menu and website. Several lawsuits have been filed against companies that make “natural” claims on their products when they contain GMO ingredients. This hasn’t happened to a restaurant chain but […]

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