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Herbicides dicamba and 2,4-D found in rainwater

Recent data from a University of Missouri study indicate that toxic herbicides commonly used on major crops have been detected in rainwater. Dicamba, used on GM Xtend crops (XtendiMax formulation), was found in weekly rainwater collections from 12 sites across Missouri throughout the 2019 season. In the southern corner of the state, the Bootheel, dicamba […]

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Glyphosate causes DNA damage in keystone species, impacting food chain

Can a small, almost undetectable change at lower levels of the food chain affect the chain at higher points? A recent study from the University of Birmingham, UK reported that even tiny amounts of the herbicide glyphosate can damage DNA in water fleas (Daphnia), a type of plankton key to the food chain of freshwater […]

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Colombia halts aerial spraying of glyphosate

Concerned about unknown health and economic impacts on local cities, a group of indigenous and Afro-descendant communities from the Nariño region of Colombia succeeded in stopping the national glyphosate fumigation program set to re-start this year. The group filed a tutela—an action providing immediate protection of one’s constitutional rights when they may be threatened or […]

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Glyphosate discovered in popular organic weed-control product

The weed treatment was working very well for organic vineyard farmers in Napa Valley, California. Then Agro Gold Weed Slayer (WS) was found to contain two synthetic chemicals banned in organic farming—glyphosate and diquat. The California Department of Food and Agriculture issued a stop-use order for the product. In addition to trying to resolve how […]

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New York State bans glyphosate on public property

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill at the end of 2020 prohibiting the herbicide glyphosate on public property, beginning December 31, 2021. The nation’s fourth most populous state thus acknowledges that the Environmental Protection Agency is failing to protect citizens from harmful chemicals. But what will replace glyphosate in pest and weed management? […]

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