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GMO contamination found in native corn varieties in Brazil

In Brazil, one of the largest producers of GM crops worldwide, GMO monocultures account for about 123.5 million acres. Small-scale growers, indigenous people, and traditional communities are responsible for conserving local genetic resources. A recent study highlighted the coexistence of these two agricultural models, looking at transgenic flow detection in corn (maize) landraces (local cultivars). […]

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In memory of Sheldon Krimsky: “Truly adored professor” and fearless critic of GMOs

We were sad to hear that on April 23rd Sheldon Krimsky, who for over more than 40 years made major contributions to the debate on genetic engineering, passed away in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the age of 80. Stuart Newman, a founding member of the Council for Responsible Genetics that Krimsky headed, and a professor of […]

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Gene-edited leafy greens hyped to consumers as a “more appetizing” alternative

In early 2023, consumers will be pitched gene-edited mustard greens with transparent labeling. North Carolina startup Pairwise, founded in 2017, uses genome editing technology that the company claims to increase the “appeal” of fresh vegetables and fruits. In this case, the gene editing is intended to remove the bitter, strong-smelling quality of mustard leaves. The […]

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New study debunks claims that glyphosate-tolerant GMO crops help mitigate climate change

Glyphosate-tolerant crops increase tillage intensity, greenhouse gas emissions in U.S. corn and soybeans as weeds develop resistance to glyphosate—study Proponents of GMO crops have claimed that glyphosate-tolerant GMO corn and soybeans reduce tillage ploughing, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and thereby helps to mitigate climate change. A new study published in Nature blows holes in that […]

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Mexico fights to remain GMO-free in the face of U.S. agribusiness pressure

U.S. non-GMO farmers say they can help meet Mexico’s need for non-GMO corn Last October, Mexico took a strong stand for biodiversity and sent a stinging rebuke to the multi-billion-dollar biotechnology/pesticide industry. The country’s Supreme Court unanimously denied four appeals that biotech companies had filed against a 2013 judicial decision that prohibited them from planting […]

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