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Conservationists and farmers sue over Trump administration removal of most GMO regulations

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) and allied plaintiffs recently filed a new federal lawsuit challenging the 2020 decision by the Trump administration’s Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) to eliminate most genetically modified organism oversight, including future GMO crops, trees, and grasses. Previously nearly all GMO plants had to go through formal USDA approval before open […]

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GM crops cannot succeed in Africa

It’s a model not designed to match the African smallholder farming system—and with rare exceptions, it’s failing in a big way. Canadian Associate Professor Matthew Schnurr argues in a new book that genetically modified crop technology, with its “large scale, heavily capitalized, mechanized monoculture,” is suited to industrial agriculture without considering the geographic, social, ecological, […]

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Environmental and farmer groups denounce approval of GMO “golden rice” in Philippines

The Philippines recently approved commercial production of the controversial genetically modified “golden rice,” which is altered to produce higher levels of beta-carotene and aims to address the problem of childhood blindness. Environmental and farmer advocacy groups denounced the approval of golden rice. Greenpeace Philippines called on Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary William Dar to reverse […]

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Jennifer Kahn’s “love GMOs” article in NYT is propaganda, not journalism

By Stacy Malkan World leaders gathered in Rome in late July to discuss how to fix the food system amid one of the worst hunger crises in recent times. According to a new United Nations report on hunger, more than 2.37 billion people did not have adequate access to food in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic […]

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Court throws out legal challenge to Mexico’s GMO corn ban as U.S. suppliers say they can supply non-GMO corn

A Mexican federal judge recently ruled against a request by the country’s National Farm Council (CNA) to stop a government ban on genetically modified corn and glyphosate herbicide by 2024. Judge Martin Adolfo Santos Perez’s ruling allows the decree issued by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador late last year that outlines the planned bans to […]

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