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“Modified: A Food Lover’s Journey Into GMOs” receives James Beard documentary film award

Filmmaker Aube Giroux recently was honored with the James Beard Award (the “Oscars” of the food world) for her work exploring the labeling of genetically modified foods. A decade-long labor of love, “Modified: A Food Lover’s Journey Into GMOs” follows Aube and her mother Jali Giroux, whose shared love of food leads them into a […]

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New report documents impacts of GMO contamination in Canada

Since genetically modified crops were introduced into Canadian agriculture almost 25 years ago, GMO contamination has had significant economic consequences, according to a recent report published by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) and the SaskOrganics’ Organic Agriculture Protection Fund (OAPF) Committee. The report calls for action to prevent future contamination incidents.  “GM Contamination in Canada: The failure to contain living modified organisms […]

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Oregon legislature may let farmers sue for contamination from GMO crops

The Oregon legislature is considering a bill that would let farmers sue companies such as Bayer and Syngenta if those companies’ genetically engineered (GMO) seeds contaminate other crops. Such contamination hurts farmers of organic and non-GMO crops because they lose premium prices for their crops if they are tested and found to contain GMOs. GMO […]

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PANVEGA presents the world’s first natural and non-GMO vitamin B12

PANVEGA AG recently introduced the world’s first non-GMO and natural vitamin B12. PANVEGA has the exclusive distribution rights to the B12, and it is manufactured by a Swiss partner company. Dr. Andreas Schenzle, president and CEO of PANVEGA, said: “Our vitamin B12, which is unique worldwide, is GMO-free and as natural as wine or sauerkraut. […]

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EnviroLogix launches 10-trait QuickComb for GMO testing of corn bulk grain

EnviroLogix Inc. recently launched the 10-trait QuickComb, now including Duracade™, for corn bulk grain quantitative testing in support of non-GMO testing programs. “With the introduction of the industry’s only 10-trait corn comb, EnviroLogix further demonstrates our commitment to customers needing the most comprehensive quantitative decision-point GMO diagnostics for use in the grain handling and processing, […]

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