Organic & Non-GMO Seed

Italian denim mill incorporates blue non-GMO cotton seed to create regenerative product

Candiani, an Italian maker of denim, is growing non-GMO Blue Seed cotton as a stronger fiber than traditional cotton, requiring less water and chemicals to grow. Candiani teamed with Arizona agricultural advising company Gowan to “rescue” this exclusive hybrid for fabrics. “At Candiani we were targeting a superior quality type of cotton which had to […]

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Switching to more nutritious brown rice can reduce diabetes in Asia

A scientist’s plan to develop a new breed of iron-rich rice that could prevent disease was quickly abandoned when he found that the rice already existed in Sri Lanka. Dr. Sirimal Premakumara discovered that the secret to boosting nutrition in the country’s common diet was already there in varieties of rice the country’s farmers had […]

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How will GMO labeling law affect non-GMO labeling?

The new GMO labeling law being developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture might have some influence on what ingredients and foods qualify as non-GMO. Highly processed sugars and oils are examples. Also, some food industry experts think that it’s time for a national standard for non-GMO labeling.

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Solynta develops a blight-resistant non-GMO potato

Dutch company Solynta has developed a potato variety that is resistant to late blight (Phytophthora Infestans). As a result, it could greatly reduce the use of pesticides in agriculture, according to the Dutch newspaper, Financieele Dagblad.

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New study could lead to development of non-GMO corn hybrids with corn rootworm resistance

Western corn rootworm can devastate corn fields, and genetically modified corn varieties with rootworm resistance are failing as the insects develop resistance to them. A new study by University of Illinois researchers has uncovered the genetic basis of resistance to western corn rootworm, paving the way for development of non-GMO corn hybrids that can withstand the worm.

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