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Kansas City nonprofit grows free, organic produce for cancer patients

  Kansas City, Missouri nonprofit Food for the Cure is providing organic produce to support recovery of cancer patients in the area. “Organic food is really the best thing for their bodies and it’s not easy to find,” said board vice president Alan Staples. “Especially if they’re getting chemo, the last thing you want to […]

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Veteran farmer finds purpose in growing and donating organic produce

Rick Ritter, owner of Dick’s Organics Age 75 and working a seven-acre farm to harvest 5,000 lbs. of produce for local soup kitchens? It’s Rick Ritter’s way of giving back. “Since I’ve outlived scores of my comrades, I cherish each day that I’m alive and able to do this work,” he says. “It’s having a […]

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Jack’s Solar Garden produces clean energy and nutritious food

By Patrick Bosold In Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado, there is a farm—Jack’s Solar Garden—that has an array of over 3,200 solar panels generating 1.2 megawatts (MW) of community solar power. This is enough electricity to power over 300 homes. At the same time, the farm produces a wide range of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and livestock […]

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Hot foam: eco-friendly alternative to Roundup weed killer?

The perennial question—do the benefits of a solution outweigh the price? The cost for weed-killing superstar Roundup (main ingredient: glyphosate) is an increasingly steep one—glyphosate has been linked extensively to cancer, biodiversity loss, and environmental harm. A potential replacement beckons—a biodegradable hot foam, called Foamstream V4, made from a blend of plant oils and sugars […]

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New Jersey Institute of Technology biology graduate embarks on an organic farming mission

For biology graduate Xavier Reyes, his decision to hang up his lab coat in exchange for overalls to become an organic farmer is the best way he can move the needle on sustainability. The Albert Dorman Honors College student had come to NJIT with the idea that he would pursue a career in ecological research […]

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