Published: June 19, 2024

Category: Regenerative Agriculture

betterful blueberries—a new brand launched by AC Foods—has been approved for Regenerative Organic certification, promising a high level of sustainability as well as taste and health benefits.

The berries are grown in California and Oregon and are available in select Whole Foods, Sprouts, Bi-Rite, NewLeaf, Berkeley Bowl Marketplace, and Oliver’s locations. This year, betterful’s Oregon farms will become Regenerative Organic Certified, meeting the highest global standards for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness. The Regenerative Organic Alliance has certified 227 farms and ranches across the U.S.; betterful is one of the first blueberries to achieve certification.

Regenerative agriculture focuses on soil health, which enhances the nutritive value of crops and also sequesters CO2, mitigating climate change impacts.

“Our regenerative organic approach not only delivers exceptional taste but also reflects our dedication to nurturing the planet for future generations,” said Sunnia Full, vice president of marketing at AC Foods.

Source: The Produce News

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