By Alesia Lloyd

Published: June 20, 2024

Category: Organic News

As a member of the natural products industry, the Rodale Institute invites organic food brands to submit their product (or share this with organic brands you love) to be considered for this year’s Organic Hero Box opportunity.

Rodale Institute, founded in 1947, is the world’s most trusted and oldest non-profit focusing on regenerative organic agriculture research, farmer training, and education.

Since 2018 Rodale has been curating its popular Organic Hero Box which highlights 30+ top organic brands. The boxes are sent during the holidays to the first 500 people who donate $99+ to the Rodale Institute.

In 2023 Rodale Institute raised nearly $100k during this campaign and garnered 150+ new donors. Help Rodale Institute raise over $125k in 2024!!

Applications will be accepted through 7/15/24 and the first 15 brands to apply will receive a $500 discount on the donation fee. Organic certification is required for all products other than personal care.

Apply Now!

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