Mexico’s GMO Ban

Mexican heirloom corn finds growing niche among U.S. consumers, restaurants

Nurtured over generations, heirloom corn varieties from central and southern Mexico are enjoying time in the limelight. Juan Vargas’ colorful cobs—ranging from deep red to pale pink, from golden yellow to dark blue—occupy 20 of his 50 farm acres in Ixtenco, in the state of Tlaxcala. That’s up from only one acre in 2010. Demand […]

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Mexico stands firm in face of U.S. imperialist pressure on GMO corn

Canada joins U.S. in pressuring Mexico over GMO corn ban Mexico says it won’t make any further changes to a decree on genetically modified corn, according to Mexico’s economy minister, Raquel Buenrostro. This comes in advance of a dispute panel requested by the United States through the U.S. Mexico, Canada trade agreement (USMCA). Last February, […]

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Canada and the U.S. are using free trade rules to attack Mexican food sovereignty

Ongoing USMCA case will test the agreement’s bias in favor of biotech companies and genetically modified foods By Stuart Trew and Karen Hansen-Kuhn In December 2020, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known colloquially as AMLO) announced the government would be taking measures to replace the controversial herbicide glyphosate with sustainable, culturally appropriate alternatives. AMLO’s New Year’s […]

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