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Grain growers seek Irish ban on palm and GMO feed products

In addition, the grain could contain pesticides Ireland has banned for years. “Irish supermarketsshould lead the way and plan to clear their shelves of palm kernels, palm oil, GMO soya [byproducts] and GMO maize-related products within a year,” the group said. Irish grain farmers, concerned about the decline of tillage acreage as well as global […]

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U.S. farmers stalk fraudulent imports to save their markets

He didn’t intend to become an organic detective, but today, John Bobbe spends time assiduously tracking down “fake organic” grain imports and trying to block shipments from hurting U.S. growers. In April, a large freighter left Georgia, stopped at ports in Turkey, and headed for Morehead City, North Carolina where it unloaded a large amount […]

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Film on India’s “Seed Mother,” preserver of native crop varieties, wins Cannes Award

Rahibai Soma Popere, a 55-year-old Indian farmer who has single-handedly conserved up to 122 varieties of 32 different native crops, is featured in a short film that won third prize at the Cannes Film Festival. The festival’s Nespresso Talents 2019 honored the film by Indian filmmaker Achyutanand Dwivedi. Last year, Rahibai made the BBC’s 100 […]

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Rat feeding study suggests the Impossible Burger may not be safe to eat

Controversial burger tests positive for glyphosate It hit New York City restaurants with hype—but Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger created disturbing side effects for rats involved in a short-term study. A report by GM Watch editor Claire Robinson and molecular geneticist Michael Antoniou revealed adverse health impacts potentially related to the GMO ingredient the burger contains. […]

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USDA official suggests gene editing could be used in organic production

The National Organic Program rules prohibit the use of genetic engineering in organic farming and processing, considering it an “excluded method.” But a U.S. Department of Agriculture official recently suggested weakening that rule to allow the use of gene editing in organic production. Speaking before a recent House Agriculture Subcommittee meeting, undersecretary Greg Ibach said: […]

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