Global analysis shows how pesticides leach into the environment

A University of Sydney-led study published recently in Nature has revealed the chemical odyssey pesticides embark upon after their initial agricultural application, with environmental consequences for a range of ecosystems. About three million tons of agricultural pesticides are used across the globe each year, yet little is known about where or in which environments these […]

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Bayer to lose $2.8 billion on falling sales of Roundup weedkiller

Bayer Ag recently announced that it expects to lose $2.8 billion from falling sales of its glyphosate-based herbicides, including the controversial Roundup weedkiller. In the announcement, Bayer also lowered its outlook for the year and said it will set aside more than $15 billion to settle lawsuits over Roundup’s link to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. Plaintiffs […]

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Testing finds glyphosate in two popular oat milks

Two out of 13 popular brands of oat milk had detectable levels of the controversial herbicide glyphosate, according to a new report from Mamavation. Partnering with Environmental Health News, the environmental wellness blog and community had the oat milks tested by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-certified lab for glyphosate and heavy metals. They found traces of […]

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Farmers, conservationists ask court to strike down crop-damaging dicamba pesticide

  Toxic drift continues to harm millions of farmland acres, wild places, endangered species Four public-interest organizations representing farmers and conservationists recently filed arguments seeking to have a federal court again strike down the Environmental Protection Agency’s controversial approval of the drift-prone, volatile herbicide dicamba. The arguments, filed on April 11, are a continuation of an earlier lawsuit […]

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First trials over deadly pesticide Paraquat scheduled for this year

More than 3,000 farmers have filed lawsuits against paraquat’s manufacturers, Chevron and Syngenta The herbicide paraquat was introduced in 1962 and promoted as an alternative to plowing soil, which began to fall into disfavor because of its degradation of soil. Chevron, paraquat’s manufacturer, claimed the weedkiller was necessary for no-till farming. Paraquat remains one of […]

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