Wasps as an effective pest control for agriculture

Common wasp species could be valuable at sustainably managing crop pests, finds a new University College London (UCL)-led experimental study in Brazil. The study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, found that social wasps are effective predators that can manage pests on two high-value crops, corn and sugarcane. As wasps are found all over the globe, […]

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Soybean growers look beyond chemicals to fight weeds

As weeds have developed resistance to Roundup herbicide, farmers are looking at non-chemical methods such as cover crops and even hand-weeding to control weeds. Illinois farmers John Werries and his son Dean started planting cover crops seven years ago to prevent soil erosion on their farm. But in recent years, they’ve discovered that their cereal […]

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AAAS upholds science award to glyphosate researchers despite industry backlash

After a nine-month review of an initial decision, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has held firm in giving two Sri Lankan scientists an award for discovering a possible link between glyphosate exposure and chronic kidney disease. When AAAS originally announced the recipients, Sarath Gunatilake and Channa Jayasumana, glyphosate defenders were furious; […]

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Glyphosate contaminates organic barley in New Zealand: Who’s monitoring?

Acting on a customer tip-off, organic certifier BioGro withdrew certification from organic barley producer Lammermoor Station in 2017—unfortunately, after the grain had been sold as animal feed and consumed by livestock. Glyphosate herbicide, widely used in New Zealand, was found in the organic barley at levels above the maximum allowed for consumption. The incident highlights […]

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Pesticides in the Pantry: Report ranks 14 largest food manufacturers on pesticide policies

As You Sow recently released its Pesticides in the Pantry: Transparency & Risk in Food Supply Chains report, examining the growing risk to food manufacturers posed by the use of synthetic pesticides in agricultural supply chains. The report reviews the risks of farm systems reliant on high levels of toxic pesticides and provides benchmarks for […]

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