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Iowa State University project explores soil health and economic impacts of organic farming

Third research site is added to engage farmers with in-depth data, knowledge, and tools As more farmers become interested in the rising demand for organic food, Iowa State University is leaning on decades of experience at its organic sites to engage with them. A new two-year project will explore long-term impacts of crop rotations, no-till […]

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Organic agriculture outshines conventional in mitigating climate crisis

Study finds increase in organic cropland decreases emissions; opposite true for conventional farmland A comprehensive study published in August 2023 makes clear the tremendous potential for organic agriculture to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to lessen climate change impacts. Building on and going beyond past studies, the research—appearing in Journal of Cleaner Production—focused on spatial […]

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Turkish businesspeople indicted in multi-million-dollar fraud scheme to sell conventional grain as organic

A Turkish businessman and his associates masterminded an elaborate scheme to sell fraudulent organic grain in the United States market through a web of companies, leading to their indictment in a federal criminal complaint and a civil lawsuit in U.S. courts. The businessman, the late Hakan Bahçeci, and his associates in Turkey, the United Arab […]

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USDA announces $40.5 million in grant awards to support processing and promotion of domestic organic products

Selected projects to benefit more than 31.8 million consumers and more than 27,000 producers The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) recently awarded approximately $40.5 million for 60 grant projects through the Organic Market Development Grant program. These projects will support the development of new and existing organic markets, support the infrastructure […]

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Organic Valley welcomes dozens of family farms into the cooperative amid farm crisis

As farmers and rural communities face the effects of increased consolidation, organic dairy cooperative seeks not just more milk but more farmers. In a year marked by significant challenges for small family farms and rural communities, Organic Valley, the largest cooperative of organic farmers in the nation, is not just seeking more milk but actively […]

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