COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts

Organic food companies, distributor donate meals, dollars to alleviate pandemic-driven food scarcity

Over 13 million U.S. children are reportedly facing food insecurity since the COVID-19 pandemic began months ago. The percentage of Canadian households impacted is up 45% since last year. Key organic players are filling empty plates through meal packages and online sales revenues. KeHE, specialty distributor to 30,000 natural food and independent groceries, is working […]

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Pandemic spawns new channels bringing farm-fresh food direct to consumers

As restaurant business plummeted during COVID-19, farmers and restaurants have sought ways to get food directly to customers through home delivery, meal kits, and online shopping. Chicago’s Fresh Midwest, restaurant food distributor, offers fresh meat and produce through home delivery. Shelly’s Fresh Picks (Niles, Illinois) has been delivering local farm food since 2006, but has […]

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UK sees spike in organic food sales with pandemic

Organic foods and drinks went flying off the shelves these last months in the United Kingdom, peaking during the ten weeks of lockdown ending in May 2020. Organic bananas, eggs, chicken, and wine led the sales charge as organic sales doubled for the year ending 2020, by 6.1%. During the lockdown weeks, an 18.7% increase […]

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Alternative flours on the rise as traditional flour supply dwindles

With pandemic “lockdown baking” surging in recent months, traditional wheat flour has flown off of shelves—leading eager bakers to try some alternatives. Almond, coconut, okara, hazelnut, and cassava are nutrient-dense options that consumers are trying, particularly those on paleo, keto, or gluten-free diets. When Nature’s Eats rolled out its almond flour in 2008, it didn’t […]

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First-time Ohio organic farmers forced to change course with pandemic

Launching an organic farm business—even an inherited farm with a 20-year history—can be a daunting venture. But when spring floods and a lock-down pandemic hit your first growing season, you’ve got to reposition yourself quickly. Kim and Taylor Wiggins bought Northridge Organic Farm in Johnstown, Ohio last year—and fulfilling a dream, renamed it From Scratch […]

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