Regenerative Agriculture

New research reveals how soil sequesters plant-based carbon

Carbon either gets trapped or feeds microbes that respire CO2 into atmosphere A recent study from Northwestern University offers answers to why some plant-based carbon molecules are sequestered in soil and others are respired as CO2. “There are many efforts to keep carbon trapped to prevent it from entering the atmosphere,” said Northwestern’s Ludmilla Aristilde, […]

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Understanding why regenerative agriculture is the fastest-growing green theme

While products that are Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) are seeing significant growth and sales in the marketplace, sales of products with other sustainability certifications are lagging. According to the SPINS 2024 trends report, sustainability has not yet gained traction with consumers who view it as an optional “initiative” and not as an essential movement. Consumers […]

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Mad Capital launches $50 million Perennial Fund II to scale regenerative organic agriculture in U.S.

Mad Capital recently launched its Perennial Fund II (PFII) to provide farmers in the United States with tailored loans that help them transition to regenerative organic farmland while also increasing farmer profits. PFII, which is targeting $50 million, has received early commitments from Builders Vision, The Rockefeller Foundation, the Schmidt Family Foundation, Zellis Family Foundation, Zarpet Family Foundation, […]

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White paper connects regenerative agriculture with nutrient density

Nutrient Density Alliance releases guidance to support food brands seeking to respond to demand for regenerative products that deliver superior nutrition. As consumer interest grows around the health and sustainability benefits of food, the Nutrient Density Alliance recently released guidelines for brands looking to substantiate nutrient density claims related to their regenerative agriculture practices. The Nutrient […]

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Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit

The Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit USA 2024 is set to take place in Chicago this March 12-14, focusing on the journey towards a more sustainable and regenerative food system. The summit will bring together experts, practitioners, policymakers, and stakeholders from across the agricultural and food sectors to explore innovative solutions, share knowledge, and […]

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