Regenerative Agriculture

Japanese trading giant Mitsui invests in regenerative agriculture

Business investment concern Mitsui and Co., Ltd. has invested in RRG Nature Based Solutions LLC (“RRG NBS”), a U.S. company with an integrated global involvement in regenerative agricultural projects. Regenerative agriculture fosters agricultural sustainability, productivity, and profitability by regenerating the natural environment through climate change countermeasures and conservation of ecosystems and water resources. Major food […]

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Vital Farms becomes first national egg brand to earn a Regenified™ verification

Vital Farms recently became the first national egg brand to earn a Regenified™ verification. The third-party verification for the company’s regenerative offering, Restorative Eggs, recognizes the progress made with a core group of farmers using regenerative practices that build soil health in order to increase the land’s resilience to flood and drought. The accompanying Regenified seal is […]

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Soil is home to over half of Earth’s species, study concludes

Surpassing what scientists estimated in 2006, new research has found that over half of all Earth’s species (previous estimate was 25%) call the soil “home.” Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the paper revealed that soil is home to 90% of fungi, 85% of plants and more than 50% of bacteria. “…Soil […]

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High Plains farmers are experimenting with novel techniques to protect Texas’ future soil

By Jayme Lozano Carver, The Texas Tribune A minority of farmers in the Texas High Plains region are looking to organic and regenerative techniques to keep their soil healthy year-round, despite a dry climate. LUBBOCK, Texas — Jeremy Brown was reading his Bible one day when he had a thought about the farmers who would […]

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Oatly launches regenerative agriculture movement to slash climate footprint by 70%

Oatly recently announced the launch of a global regenerative agriculture movement that will work with farmers, aiming to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Called F.A.R.M. (Future Agriculture Renovation Movement), it aims to restore carbon, improve biodiversity, and support farm viability. The movement will test several different models of regenerative agriculture; pilots are currently taking place in Canada, Sweden, […]

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