Regenerative Agriculture

Why General Mills wants supply chains to become regenerative stewards of the environment

In order to address global challenges from climate change, population growth, and depletion of natural resources, U.S. food giant General Mills has made a major commitment to regenerative agricultural practices on one million acres by 2030. General Mills believes that regenerative agricultural practices that build soil health will not only benefit farmers but also reduce […]

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Wendell Berry’s Right Kind of Farming

The farmer, essayist and poet Wendell Berry has long argued that today’s agricultural practices are detrimental to ecology, community and the local economies that farms once served. A native Kentuckian, Mr. Berry has written over 40 works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and has received a Guggenheim fellowship, the National Humanities Medal and the Richard C. Holbrooke […]

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Certification experts try to find common ground on ways to regenerate agriculture

Advocates of different certification programs may disagree on the best way to regenerate agriculture but they agree on the goal of soil health as a key to mitigating climate change. That was a key takeaway of “A Regenerative Forum” held at Natural Products Expo East in September. A panel of certification experts discussed their different […]

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Midwest farmers dig deep to invest in soil

Soil health boosts nutrition, combats climate change

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“Soil Matters”: General Mills promotes regenerative farming with Annie’s products

The prognosis for U.S. soil is bleak: industrial agriculture and deforestation will have wiped it out in 60 years, scientists predict, unless we change course. Regenerative farming was a hot topic at Natural Products Expo West, where General Mills showcased new products with ingredients grown from regenerative farms. Annie’s Limited Edition Organic Mac & Cheese […]

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