Published: June 19, 2024

Category: Regenerative Agriculture

GoodSAM Foods, a healthy food brand committed to sustainability and regenerative agriculture, recently released the GoodSAM Impact Report 2023 detailing the company’s strides in regenerative agriculture and direct impact on communities. The report can be viewed at:

The company uses a direct trade model with farmers, ensuring a fair price. GoodSAM saw 156% growth in 2022; it projects +1215% growth in farmer partnerships by 2025. This year, partnerships with cocoa and coffee farmers grew from 68 to 166—with GoodSAM purchasing double the volume of cocoa and triple the volume of coffee. GoodSAM’s network of 368 macadamia farmers has diversified into mango cultivation, ensuring farmer stability.

Founder and CEO Heather K. Terry said, “Our bottom-up approach to sustainability has continued to create a positive impact… Our team is consistently building relationships with our farmers, providing vital resources to … farmer communities, and creating delicious snacks within a sustainable food system.”

New additions to GoodSAM’s supply network include:

  • Organic Pecans: grown by over 200 producers in Chihuahua, New Mexico and Sonora, Mexico. Impacted by water scarcity and drug-related conflicts, sustainable ag and economic stability help to counter these regional challenges.
  • 2023 NEXTY Award-winning Brave Day Coffee: grown by rural women in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada, they are succeeding despite violence, inequality, and formidable barriers.
  • Organic Chia Seeds: Benexia farm integrates livestock management with crop cultivation, enhancing soil fertility and water management; its ethical labor practices and safety standards help communities.
  • GoodSAM’s SOMOS principal: “somos” means “we are”—this guides our goals to empower farmers, promote regenerative agriculture and climate resilience, and supply network transparency.
  • Social Impact Projects: solar panel installation and disinfection kits in La Sierra Nevada, as well as Agua x la Sierra—cultivating clean water.

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