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Plant Based World Expo connects buyers with sellers of innovative plant-based products

Over 3,000 people and over 200 companies attended the recent Plant Based World Expo North America (PBW) in New York, sampling innovative plant-based products, networking, and hearing latest developments in the industry. Exhibitors are signing up for next year’s event from countries including Italy, Denmark, Brazil, Thailand, Spain, and more. Presentations at this year’s expo included: […]

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Award-winning Michigan exporter Zeeland Farm Services aims to keep its edge amid competition

Family-owned Zeeland Farm Services Inc., exporter since 1999, was named the 2023 Michigan Ag Exporter of the Year. The company processes, transports and exports Michigan-grown soybeans and soybean meal. Zeeland Farm Services exported around $23 million in food-grade soybean products and about $180 million in feed-grade products in 2022. The company’s primary export is non-GMO […]

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Do Americans know what “natural” and “processed” foods are?

The average American spends $67 on processed foods every week, according to a recent survey. The poll asked 2,000 respondents about their experiences with buying both “natural” and “processed” goods at the grocery store and found that the average weekly grocery bill amounts to $98.50. Of this, the average person believes that 32% of their […]

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Sorghum bran—a nutritious alternative to wheat in gluten-free bread

A study published in the Journal of Food Science found that sorghum bran offers dietary fiber and antioxidants when it replaces wheat flour in gluten-free products. Typically, the wheat is replaced with refined flour and starches, and adding fiber can create a hard texture. Researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service studied […]

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EU and Tradin Organic to boost regenerative organic cocoa production in Sierra Leone

With EU support, global organic ingredient supplier Tradin Organic has launched a $2.5 million project supported to scale its sustainable cocoa project in Sierra Leone. The three-year project will target deforestation prevention and improving farmer livelihoods by building regenerative agroforestry systems. Tradin Organic assists over 30,000 smallholder farmers in Sierra Leone to produce fair, sustainably […]

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