Glyphosate Controversy

Market pressure forcing Canadian farmers to stop using glyphosate on dry beans

The controversy over glyphosate herbicide has increased awareness of the farmers’ practice of drying down or desiccating crops, such as wheat, oats, and beans, with glyphosate right before harvest. Now steps are being taken to end this practice. Canadian dealers of dry beans, such as white, cranberry, navy and pinto beans, recently decided that glyphosate […]

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General Mills aims to cut glyphosate use by encouraging regenerative agriculture

General Mills’ supply chain includes huge amounts of oats, wheat, sugar, and soybeans—many grown using pesticides and herbicides such as glyphosate. Rather than telling farmers to use less of the chemicals, the company is hoping to entice them to use regenerative agriculture practices, integrated pest management, and more organic acres. For example, glyphosate, Roundup’s key […]

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Germany bans glyphosate weedkiller, phase-out complete by 2023

Prompted primarily by the country’s concern for declining insect populations critical to ecosystems and food crop pollination, Germany announced it would gradually phase out glyphosate, with a total ban effective by the end of 2023. The move was a slap to Bayer AG, the German company who inherited this controversial chemical when it bought Monsanto—currently […]

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Film on India’s “Seed Mother,” preserver of native crop varieties, wins Cannes Award

Rahibai Soma Popere, a 55-year-old Indian farmer who has single-handedly conserved up to 122 varieties of 32 different native crops, is featured in a short film that won third prize at the Cannes Film Festival. The festival’s Nespresso Talents 2019 honored the film by Indian filmmaker Achyutanand Dwivedi. Last year, Rahibai made the BBC’s 100 […]

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Sick children among cancer victims suing Monsanto over Roundup

As lawsuits pile up against Monsanto (and owner Bayer AG) involving cancer links to Roundup, children are being included in the victim lists. A lawsuit involving twelve-year-old Jake Bellah from Lakeport, California, diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), may resolve soon, making him the first child with cancer to undergo a jury trial. Jake is now […]

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