Glyphosate Controversy

Bayer’s Roundup-cancer trial losses mount

Juries in Philadelphia ordered Bayer to pay nearly $3.5 million and $2.25 billion in separate lawsuits after jurors found that the company’s Roundup weedkiller caused cancer in two plaintiffs. Bayer has now lost six consecutive Roundup-cancer trials. In the first trial in December, a Philadelphia jury ordered Bayer to pay nearly $3.5 million after it […]

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Farmworkers, environmental groups file legal action demanding Roundup ban

A recent groundbreaking legal action calls on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to immediately suspend and cancel the dangerous herbicide glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup. Glyphosate’s registration is illegal, says the petition filed by Center for Food Safety on behalf of itself, Beyond Pesticides, and four farmworker advocacy groups. Last year, in a lawsuit by the […]

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Glyphosate linked to epidemic of chronic kidney disease

The mystery of tens of thousands of cases of kidney failure in Sri Lanka may have an answer—exposure in farming communities to the weedkiller ingredient glyphosate. A large field study from Duke University suggests a link between chronic kidney disease (CKDu) and Sri Lankan agricultural areas—where as many as 10% of children ages 5-11 years […]

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Bayer loses another Roundup-cancer trial, ordered to pay $1.56 billion

Bayer is on a losing streak in its trials over Roundup weedkiller’s link to cancer. In November, a Missouri jury ordered Bayer to pay $1.56 billion to four plaintiffs who claimed the company’s Roundup herbicide caused cancer. In the past two months, Bayer has lost four such trials with damages totaling more than $2 billion […]

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Market pressure forcing Canadian farmers to stop using glyphosate on dry beans

The controversy over glyphosate herbicide has increased awareness of the farmers’ practice of drying down or desiccating crops, such as wheat, oats, and beans, with glyphosate right before harvest. Now steps are being taken to end this practice. Canadian dealers of dry beans, such as white, cranberry, navy and pinto beans, recently decided that glyphosate […]

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