Published: February 19, 2024

Category: Glyphosate Controversy

A recent groundbreaking legal action calls on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to immediately suspend and cancel the dangerous herbicide glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup.

Glyphosate’s registration is illegal, says the petition filed by Center for Food Safety on behalf of itself, Beyond Pesticides, and four farmworker advocacy groups. Last year, in a lawsuit by the same nonprofits, a federal court of appeals struck down EPA’s human health assessment because the agency wrongfully dismissed glyphosate’s cancer risk. The recent petition, calling for the cancellation and suspension of glyphosate’s registration, runs over 70 pages and includes more than 200 scientific citations.

“This petition is a blueprint for the Biden administration to do what the law and science require and finally cancel glyphosate’s registration,” said Pegga Mosavi, an attorney at the Center for Food Safety and counsel for the petitioners. “There is a wealth of scientific evidence demonstrating that glyphosate endangers public health, and poses cancer risks to farmers and other Roundup users. After last year’s court decision, EPA has no legal legs to stand on. EPA must take action now.”

Source: Center for Food Safety

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