Published: October 13, 2020

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The Scoular Company, global provider for feed and food ingredients, announced the site for providing its sustainable, plant-based protein alternative. A 15,000-square-foot facility in Jerome, Idaho will process 1.9 million bushels of barley yearly for its barley protein concentrate (BPC), for use in aquaculture feed and pet food. BPC provides a non-GMO, clean-label solution for manufacturers seeking high-protein nutrition for their formulas.

Idaho is the leading U.S. state for barley production; Scoular currently has a grain handling facility and a livestock feed ingredients plant in Jerome. Manufacturing will begin in May 2021.

“This facility and innovative barley product will create a new market and greater stability for farmers in the Magic Valley region and throughout Idaho,” said JC Olson, Product Group Manager.

Scoular and Montana Microbial Products have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement to produce and sell the barley protein. Montana Microbial developed the product, winning the Top Innovator Award for U.S. Seafood at the 2019 Fish 2.0 Symposium.

Scoular sees the product as beneficial to a world of growing protein demand and uncertain economic environment for farmers.

Source: The Scoular Company

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