Published: April 1, 2020

Category: The Organic & Non-GMO Report Newsletter

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) recently announced a comprehensive, specially designed anti-fraud online training course, created by Michigan State in partnership with OTA. The course will be available for members of the association’s Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions program.

The course, “Developing and Implementing an Organic Fraud Prevention Plan,” has been tailored specifically for organic operations, and provides detailed company-focused training on how to carry out a vulnerability assessment, and how to develop and implement an organic fraud prevention plan. A new handbook also has been developed for interested and enrolled companies that provides an overview of the program, and the steps required to enroll and succeed.

“Our members work hard every day to prevent fraud in the organic system, and it is critical that we support the private sector in their efforts,” said Gwendolyn Wyard, Vice President of Regulatory & Technical Affairs for the Organic Trade Association and staff coordinator for the Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions program. “This relevant training course will help organic businesses put systems and measures in place that adequately support the promise of providing organic food that people can trust.”

OTA and its members are prioritizing significant time and resources into organic fraud prevention action inside and outside of the United States. This commitment includes the development of a major private-sector initiative that has evolved into the Organic Trade Association’s groundbreaking industry-wide Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions program.

Organic companies wanting to protect against fraud in the organic supply chain can sign up now and be a part of this far-reaching effort to maintain integrity in organic.  

Already, 55 organic businesses have enrolled in the program, and have been using the association’s Organic Fraud Prevention Guide to prepare for the training and help detect and deter fraud.

Source: Organic Trade Association

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