Organic Trade Association member report drills down into barriers and comes up with specific solutions

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Published: April 5, 2019

Category: Organic Farming and Food, The Organic & Non-GMO Report Newsletter

US organic grain production map

U.S. production of organic grains, while increasing, lags behind demand for such grain, particularly from U.S. organic livestock producers. As a result, the U.S. has become dependent on imports of organic grains, which has led to questions about the organic integrity of imports.

The U.S. Organic Grain Collaboration, in partnership with the Organic Trade Association, recently released a critical and timely report looking at the state of organic grain in the United States. The report, titled “U.S. Organic Grain – How to Keep It Growing,” drills down into the key barriers in expanding domestic organic grain production, and identifies specific industry solutions to overcome the hurdles. 

The report reflects three years of collaborative work between a group of leading organic food makers and organic businesses. It highlights three top challenges to growing more organic grain in the U.S., and recommends proven strategies the industry can adopt to address each challenge: new contracting mechanisms for growers to reduce financial risk, the development of markets for essential fertility-building and weed-suppressing crops that are necessary in organic rotation, and more organic coaching and technical assistance for organic growers. 

Source: Organic Trade Association

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