Published: April 1, 2020

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With bars and restaurants shut down, distilling companies have realized a way to help out during the pandemic.

Western Reserve Distillers in Lakewood, OH and Industrious Spirits in Providence, RI are producing hand sanitizer, and distributing it free or at cost.

“It’s gonna be hand sanitizer that’s produced with certified organic spirit,” said Western Reserve’s Kevin Thomas. “After we produce the mash, after fermentation we use the pot still to basically separate and concentrate the alcohol to get us to the 196-proof that we need to make the hand sanitizer.”

The product uses grain from local farmers and the same distilling process used in making vodka. Production will be 1,500 to 2,000 gallons per month through June 30; the sanitizer is available after April 3, and will sell for $25 per gallon.

Industrious Spirits will use a byproduct of its structural vodka to manufacture the sanitizer in small batches. The vodka comes from regionally grown organic non-GMO corn; after milling it is made into sanitizer at the distillery from scratch.

“We want to do our part in helping the community,” said distiller Dan Neff. “With the small volume we currently produce we expect it to go quickly, but will keep making it as long as we have the ingredients to do so. We apologize in advance if our supplies cannot keep up.”

The company is giving away its hand sanitizer—no charge—to drop-ins at their take-out window.

Sources: Providence Journal; FOX 8 News

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Western Reserve Distillers in Lakewood producing hand sanitizer during coronavirus crisis