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Published: November 25, 2019

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Customers made in-store donations during Organic Harvest Month, exceeding the original goal of $50,000

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In September, Organic Harvest Month, Natural Grocers customers raised $100,585 for the Organic Farmers Association, an organization led and controlled by certified organic farmers that works to create a strong voice for all organic farmers. Natural Grocers shoppers across 19 states made in-store contributions and exceeded the $50,000 target goal by over 100 percent, further proving shoppers are voting with their dollars to support organic farmers to be successful and encourage more farmers to transition to organic practices. The funds raised will also help provide scholarships to organic farmers to receive training for effectively solving the challenges they see on their farms and those of their fellow organic farmers.

“Our relationship with the Organic Farmers Association is an extension of Natural Grocers’ commitment to providing consumers with access to high-quality natural and organic foods at affordable prices. When you purchase organic food, you’re supporting local, organic farmers and fostering a healthier environment,” said Heather Isely, Executive Vice President of Natural Grocers. “We are proud to partner with the Organic Farmers Association to help amplify the voice of certified organic farmers.”

“Organic Farmers Association feels so fortunate to have fostered a partnership with Natural Grocers in preserving opportunities for certified organic family farmers,” said Kate Mendenhall, director of the Organic Farmers Association. “This fundraising effort will greatly elevate the national voice of certified organic farmers—ensuring that their priorities are heard and they receive the support they need to focus on farming good, healthy food.”

The United States includes over 19,500 certified organic farmers, and 96 percent of them are small businesses.

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