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Published: December 6, 2018

Category: GMO News, The Organic & Non-GMO Report Newsletter, the website for Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, has produced a study showing that genetically modified corn has significantly less protein than traditional or heirloom varieties. GM corn also lacks the large amounts of anthocyanin in native varieties, an antioxidant enhancing heart health and helping prevent some cancers.

GM corn was found to have 28 percent less protein than traditional corn—resulting in more empty carbohydrates and calories, necessitating consumption of 28 percent more quantity to meet the same nutritional amount. As corn grown in the Americas has become a homogenized, mass-produced commodity, thousands of colorful, nutrient-rich native varieties are being lost.

GM corn covers millions of acres in the U.S., mostly used for ethanol, non-food products, or feed for confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). “Corn has been forced into an arranged marriage with pesticides and other harsh chemicals,” the report said. “[It] has become weaponized in order to wage war on insect pests and weeds.”

Researchers at Baker Creek have witnessed heirloom varieties disappear through GMO contamination—varieties that can offer double the amount of protein as the study’s GM samples.

Researchers found it difficult to locate GM corn samples, as labs were reluctant to release them—often the labs are heavily supported by corporate funding and didn’t want “inconvenient truths” to surface.

Scientific analysis of the study was done by Exact Scientific Services, Inc.

Source: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

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