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Published: May 27, 2019

Category: Glyphosate Controversy, The Organic & Non-GMO Report Newsletter

Contradicting findings from a recent internal report, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has declared that exposure to glyphosate is safe for humans.

But the Department of Health and Human Service’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry found it harmful. In three high-profile cases, it has been linked to cancer, resulting in multi-million dollar payouts to plaintiffs. It is linked to immune system, liver, reproductive system, and early development damage.

Bayer is facing 13,400 lawsuits over glyphosate harm—and has lost $39 billion in market value since its Monsanto takeover.

“The EPA’s pesticide office is out on a limb here—with Monsanto and Bayer and virtually nobody else,” says Jennifer Sass with NRDC.

The decision totally ignores science in favor of polluters and industry, said Environmental Working Group. “American consumers have no reason to trust the EPA’s deeply flawed assessment of glyphosate’s safety,” said Nathan Donley of the Center for Biological Diversity.

The EPA itself found harm to plants and animals from glyphosate spray drift; it’s been implicated in the decline of monarch butterfly populations. The EPA’s attempts to restrict the chemical’s impact, done in collaboration with the pesticide industry, have fallen dramatically short.

Sources: (NRDC; Des Moines Register; GM Watch)

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