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Published: December 6, 2018

Category: Organic News, The Organic & Non-GMO Report Newsletter

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. had been a big proponent of organic food for most of its 25-year history. But that may be changing as the company has decreased its purchased of organic ingredients in the food served in its restaurants.

In the company’s 2016 Sustainability Report, Chipotle said that 50 percent of its beans were either organic or transitional to organic . But the amount of transitional beans is now 25 percent and none are organic, according to Sustainable Food News.

The volume of organic produce used by Chipotle has also decreased. In 2016, 43 percent of produce purchased was organic. In 2017, the volume increased to 49 percent, then fell to 33 percent for 2018 year-to-date.

Also, in Chipotle’s 2017 Sustainability Report, there is no mention of the word “organic.”

In 2015, Chipotle completed its transition to using only non-GMO ingredients.

Source: Sustainable Food News

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