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Published: April 4, 2018

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China’s Ministry of Agriculture says no genetically modified food crops have been approved, and if they are, they will have to be grown observing all laws and regulations. Spokesman Pan Xianzheng added, “Only through safe inspection and assessment can a genetically modified breed receive the MOA safety certificate.”

China is prioritizing consumer opinion on GMOs and currently the public is very wary of eating them.

While GM cotton and papaya are grown commercially in the country, no GM staple foods are. GMOs have been introduced in three stages: first, inedible industrial crops are allowed; second, GM crops used for feed; and third, edible GM crops for humans will be introduced.

In 2016, a ban was placed on GM corn, soybeans, and rice in the top grain-producing region in northeast China. No GM seeds have been allowed since May 2017. Current imports include GM soybeans, rapeseed, cotton, and corn.

Source: Global Times

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