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Gene editing: supporters hope it can it elude the GMO stigma, opponents say it is another GMO

A new technology is being rapidly deployed to create new plant traits, while avoiding government regulations that cover genetically modified plants. Supporters say the new technology offers great possibilities for creating new food plants, while opponents say it is another form of genetic engineering with similar risks.

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Non-browning apples land in US stores

The controversial genetically modified Arctic Apple is now sold in the U.S. Three varieties—Golden, Granny, and Fuji (with Gala on the way)—were sold for the first time in 10-oz bags, in a dozen American stores this past fall. The GMO apples will not be labeled so consumers will not know they are eating transgenic fruit. There is a Non-GMO Project Verified, non-browning apple called the Opal.

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GM genes are still getting into native Mexican maize

Genetically modified genes are still getting into native Mexican maize varieties, a new study has found. This is in spite of the fact that the cultivation of GM maize is banned in Mexico, which is the genetic center of origin for the crop. The study also identifies the crucial factors that decide whether or not GMO contamination occurs: the social organization and seed management systems of local communities.

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