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PANVEGA presents the world’s first natural and non-GMO vitamin B12

PANVEGA AG recently introduced the world’s first non-GMO and natural vitamin B12. PANVEGA has the exclusive distribution rights to the B12, and it is manufactured by a Swiss partner company. Dr. Andreas Schenzle, president and CEO of PANVEGA, said: “Our vitamin B12, which is unique worldwide, is GMO-free and as natural as wine or sauerkraut. […]

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New webinar on GMO 2.0

Are you familiar with new genetic engineering technologies like gene editing and synthetic biology? If not, here is your chance to learn more. FoodChain ID will host a new webinar “GMO 2.0” on May 8 at 1:00 pm Central time. The webinar will be conducted by David Gould, FoodChain’s global sustainability director The webinar is […]

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EnviroLogix launches 10-trait QuickComb for GMO testing of corn bulk grain

EnviroLogix Inc. recently launched the 10-trait QuickComb, now including Duracade™, for corn bulk grain quantitative testing in support of non-GMO testing programs. “With the introduction of the industry’s only 10-trait corn comb, EnviroLogix further demonstrates our commitment to customers needing the most comprehensive quantitative decision-point GMO diagnostics for use in the grain handling and processing, […]

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Gene-edited soybean oil now served in Midwest restaurants

Consumers won’t know it, but the oil served at particular Midwestern restaurants is a soybean oil, Calyno, that has been produced using gene editing techniques. The soybean oil is being used in salad dressing and for frying—in the restaurant chain and food service industry—and is claimed to have no trans fats and longer shelf life. […]

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United Nations hits the brakes on gene drives

Landmark Convention on Biological Diversity decision calls on governments to conduct strict risk assessments and seek indigenous and local peoples’ consent ahead of potential release of “exterminator” technology. The UN recently made a significant global decision on how to govern a high-risk, new genetic engineering technology—gene drives. “This important decision puts controls on gene drives […]

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