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Published: May 27, 2019

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Since genetically modified crops were introduced into Canadian agriculture almost 25 years ago, GMO contamination has had significant economic consequences, according to a recent report published by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) and the SaskOrganics’ Organic Agriculture Protection Fund (OAPF) Committee. The report calls for action to prevent future contamination incidents. 

GM contamination in Canada cove

GM Contamination in Canada: The failure to contain living modified organisms – incidents and impacts” documents the details and impacts of all the known contamination incidents in Canada involving GM crops and animals. The costs of GM contamination and escape incidents include the temporary or permanent loss of export markets, lower crop prices, the loss of access to grow a particular crop, and the loss of some farm-saved seed.

“Organic farmers in Saskatchewan have never been compensated for our loss of canola due to GMO contamination,” said Arnold Taylor, organic grain farmer and chair of the OAPF. “Widespread GM canola contamination in Canada means our organic farmers no longer have the option of growing canola.”  

CBAN and OAPF are calling on the Canadian government to help prevent future GMO contamination by deregistering GM alfalfa; halting field trials of GM wheat; and adding an assessment of the potential economic impacts before new GMOs are released. 

Source: Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

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