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Published: June 2, 2020

Category: COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts, The Organic & Non-GMO Report Newsletter

In a creative response to the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on bread suppliers and producers, the Artisan Grain Collaborative (AGC) has launched Neighbor Loaves.

The initiative fosters regenerative agriculture practices so farmers, millers, maltsters, bakers, chefs, brewers, distillers, and other affiliates can create healthier communities, local economies, and ecosystems. The Neighbor Loaves program inspires consumers to purchase bread from participating bakeries—the breads contain at least 50% locally grown stone-milled flour. The loaves are distributed to community food organizations to help people in need.

The result is security for the local grain chain—so farmers, millers, and bakers can access markets in spite of restaurants and food service accounts being shut down. The program also supports local residents who face bread shortages at grocery stores.

Participating bakeries include Baker’s Field Flour & Bread, Minneapolis; Lost Larson, Chicago; Madison Sourdough and ORIGIN Breads, Madison; and more. For bakers interested in the program, and a list of local grain and flour resources, consult the original article referenced below.

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