Regenerative Agriculture

“Soil Matters”: General Mills promotes regenerative farming with Annie’s products

The prognosis for U.S. soil is bleak: industrial agriculture and deforestation will have wiped it out in 60 years, scientists predict, unless we change course. Regenerative farming was a hot topic at Natural Products Expo West, where General Mills showcased new products with ingredients grown from regenerative farms. Annie’s Limited Edition Organic Mac & Cheese […]

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Regenerative Organic Certification aims to raise the bar on organic standards

So many labels—non-GMO, certified organic, fair trade, humane—consumers want all those things for their food. But Rodale Institute president Jeff Moyer says providers can feel “like scouts with a sash full of merit badges” that hopefully will add clout to their products. Rodale has joined with Dr. Bronner’s and Patagonia to offer an alternative—“one standard […]

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In the Corn Belt, resurgence of small grains offers environmental solutions

A growing number of Iowa farmers are adding oats, rye, and other small grains into their corn and soybean crop rotations to regenerate soils, reduce soil erosion and fertilizer runoff to protect waterways, and provide benefits to family farms.

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Agricultural “sea change” forces Midwestern food giants to adapt

Consumers are increasingly demanding healthier, organic, and more sustainably produced foods. As a result, food companies and farmers are responding with initiatives to build soil health and reduce the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

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