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EU scientists: New genetic modification techniques and their products pose risks that need to be assessed

Gene editing and RNA interference are powerful new genetic engineering techniques with no history of safe use and when these techniques are applied to living organisms, they should be regulated in the same way as other genetic modification (GM) techniques. That is the opinion of the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility […]

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GMO Free USA launches survey to assess safety of Impossible Burger

Following reports of adverse health reactions from people consuming Impossible Foods’ plant-based Impossible Burger, the non-profit GMO Free USA is collecting data via a public health survey. It is urging individuals who have experienced mild to severe digestive or other health reactions after eating the Impossible Burger or other Impossible Foods products to participate. The […]

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Cibus wrongly claims new gene edited canola traits are non-GMO

The biotech industry’s attempts to muddy the waters about what is genetically engineered and what is not was displayed again recently when gene editing company Cibus issued a press release stating that it “Achieves Critical Milestones for Three Non-GMO Traits to Increase Canola Yield.” The three canola traits were developed using gene editing. Cibus claims […]

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Researchers find persistence of antibiotic-resistant GMO genes in sewage sludge

New findings about genes in GMOs may help explain development of a growing global health threat, antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Biotechnology and Bioengineering published a recent study showing that antibiotic-resistant genes inserted into GM foods are able to withstand conventional wastewater treatments. Washington State University’s Courtney Gardner has received a three-year USDA grant to continue the graduate […]

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Is the bollworm growing resistant to the last defense of Bt corn and cotton?

Entomologists in southern states are reporting that earworm/bollworm caterpillars are feeding on genetically modified Bt corn and Bt cotton designed to kill them, and surviving. These crops express the Vip3A protein, developed by Syngenta to combat increased pest resistance to older Bt Cry proteins, found in three-gene cotton varieties (Bollgard 3, TwinLink Plus) and pyramided […]

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