Published: April 1, 2020

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Israel-based non-GMO seed-breeding specialist Equinom, Ltd. will open offices in the U.S. to serve the North American market. This move will accelerate the company’s penetration into the global food market and bring it closer to key farming communities and grain handlers, as well as to food and food ingredient companies.

Since Equinom supports agronomists, trades with grain handlers, and partners with food companies in North America, a local U.S. operation is a natural evolution to ensure its growth and support for all the members in the supply chain.

Equinom says that its non-GMO technology can help shape the future of plant-based foods by designing smarter seeds via fast-track, proprietary technology with breeding methodology that utilizes natural genetic variation in plants.

Rick Mignella has joined the company as executive vice president and managing director to lead the U.S. team and focus on scaling up business and expanding Equinom’s presence and reach within the North America market.

“Equinom can significantly contribute to the plant-based revolution and the broader food industries by changing the way food systems currently operate,” says Mignella. “Equinom’s non-GMO technology can help facilitate the creation of clean food products, increase protein content, and tailor key nutrients to the specific requests of food product developers and manufacturers. Our mission of connecting the farming industry with the food companies will build the next-generation mutual ecosystem for food production.”

Equinom’s seed breeding focuses on high-protein legumes including soybeans, peas, chickpeas, mung beans, cowpeas, and fava beans—core ingredients of plant-based foods.

Source: Equinom

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