GMO 2.0

GMO 2.0 stevia hits the market, unregulated, unlabeled

A “next gen” sweetener called EverSweet, that uses genetically engineered yeast to convert sugar molecules to mimic the stevia plant, is now available in commercial quantities. Cargill and synthetic biology pioneer Evolva are targeting the product to producers of low- and zero-calorie cola drinks, claiming its taste is sweeter and more “rounded,” without the bitter […]

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GMOs failed to impress—GMOs 2.0 may be even riskier

 Despite 20 years of genetically modified organisms infiltrating grocery brands, millions of Americans still go hungry—and we’re seeing huge rises in use of dangerous pesticides like glyphosate, dicamba, and soon, 2,4-D. GMOs haven’t lived up to the hype, and continue to pose risks: the plant-based Impossible Burger, using GM yeast and a GM soy-induced protein […]

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