Published: February 4, 2023

Category: Non-GMO News

Kerry has released Acryleast™ Pro, an advanced iteration of the company’s signature acrylamide-reducing, non-GMO yeast. Acrylamide is a long-confirmed neurotoxin found to form in carbohydrate-rich foods that are heated and cooked at temperatures above 120°C or 248°F.

The yeast aids food manufacturers aiming to reduce acrylamide in common food products for adults and children. Fully non-GMO, Acryleast Pro is the only organic-suitable baker’s yeast that effectively reduces the levels of acrylamide in a wide range of organic food products by up to 90%. It delivers 2.2 times more enzyme activity than the first-generation product, promoting cost efficiency.

Applications include organic foods such as biscuits, baked goods, crackers, and bread offerings including toast, rolls, and tortillas. The solution has no impact on taste or texture and is highly versatile, requiring little to no change in the manufacturing process.

Organic & Non-GMO Insights, February 2023