Published: February 1, 2022

Category: GMO News

A new synthetic biology product—egg protein with “no chicken needed”—was announced by Clara Foods in October of last year. The biotechnology company has rebranded itself as EVERY Company; the protein, named EVERY ClearEgg™, uses genetically engineered yeast. One use of the protein is as an alternative to whey, a common beverage ingredient.

The Non-GMO Project considers products produced with synthetic biology as GMOs; many are flooding the marketplace. To develop EVERY ClearEgg, Clara Foods partnered with ZX Ventures, a branch of Anheuser-Busch InBev. ZX Venture’s BioBrew division was begun in 2019 to create next-generation fermentation and EVERY ClearEgg was its first project in April. In May, Clara Foods had launched its first product, an animal-free pepsin. Ingredion distributes both products globally.

Clara Foods is now formulating a synbio egg white product, EVERY Egg White. The company began in 2014, with funding from SOSV as part of the IndiBio accelerator program.

Source: The Non-GMO Project

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