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You Can Profit with Non-GMO

by Josh Richey As CEO of Spectrum, I get a lot of questions about what it’s like to lead a non-GMO seed company (it’s awesome, by the way) but more often than not, I get asked if it is possible to be profitable using a non-GMO crop strategy. It’s a fair question and the simplest way […]

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Legacy brands Imperial Sugar® and Dixie Crystals® secure Non-GMO Project verification

Imperial Sugar becomes the latest major food brand to earn non-GMO verification. The company recently announced that multiple products under the flagship retail brands Imperial Sugar® and Dixie Crystals® have secured Non-GMO Project verification.

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Sevita welcomes partners that share ‘Seeds for Healthier Way of Life’ vision

Leading Canadian non-GMO food soybean supplier Sevita is capitalizing on the growing worldwide demand for non-GMO foods. Sevita participates in research, production, processing and export of grains and oilseeds to markets all over the world including Japan, South Korea, Western Europe, Taiwan, mainland China and other markets of Southeast Asia.

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