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How planting prairie strips on Iowa farms could save soil, water, wildlife and money — in-state and beyond

An Iowa State University program to encourage planting strips of native prairie on Iowa’s corn and soybean farms has been shown to significantly reduce soil erosion and runoff of phosphorous and nitrogen fertilizer, while establishing habitats for pollinator populations and reducing the need for pesticides. Iowa State University’s “Science-Based Trials of Rowcrops Integrated with Prairie […]

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Bob Randall still spreading the gospel of organic gardening in Houston

Urban Harvest is the fourth-largest community garden program in the country, and 77-year-old Bob Randall is still planting seeds. A New Jersey native who thrived on produce from his grandparents’ farm, Randall worked part-time in college in pesticide research. Soon after he “abandoned pesticides for ecology,” earning a PhD in anthropology focused on people’s interactions […]

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Holland turns bus stops into “buzz stops” with plants atop shelters attracting honeybees

Over 316 bus stops in Utrecht, the Netherlands, are now covered with sedum plants in an attempt to create a more sustainable, healthy city that supports biodiversity. Honeybees and bumblebees enjoy the plants sitting atop the rooftop of shelters; the plants also help capture dust and store rainwater. Energy-efficient LED lights and bamboo benches have […]

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