Seattle donut shop specializes in organic, non-GMO donuts

By Simi Summer

Published: October 30, 2015

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Organic foodies hungry for social change will be happy to discover that Seattle’s Mighty-O Donuts has been changing the world one donut at a time.

According to founder Ryan Kellner, “Mighty-O started in the late 1990s with a simple idea to build a sustainable business. Our intention was to make an honest living while being mindful of people and respectful of the environment. We weren’t interested in producing anything that would just end up in a landfill or contribute to the pollution piling up in the world. Experiencing the Northwest culture, the burgeoning organic food movement, and sharing thoughts with our friends and community, we were inspired to create an organic donut.

We couldn’t find anyone making a donut the way we envisioned—a sweet treat with no chemicals, no genetically modified organisms, and no animal products and something everyone could enjoy. Best of all, people love donuts!” Kellner said.

Why organic and non-GMO?

Creating a successful artisan organic non-GMO donut is no small feat. Mighty-O is doing this large-scale, mixing hundreds of pounds of batter at a time to create certified organic, non-GMO, cholesterol-free donuts, without chemical preservatives, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial coloring, or flavors.

Since 2000 Mighty-O has worked hard to avoid the use of ingredients produced with synthetic pesticides, artificial preservatives, additives, and genetically modified ingredients.

Mighty-O’s deep commitment to organic non-GMO supports family farmers and food production in harmony with nature as well as sustainable agricultural practices which protect biodiversity, wildlife, climate change, and the environment.

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GMO labeling efforts in California, Oregon, and Washington State have given the shop a celebrity status in the bakery arena, with the Non-GMO Project conferring the seal of approval that Mighty-O is indeed GMO-free.

Mighty-O also offers fair trade, organic coffee, reflecting their commitment to creating a café that demonstrates respect for nature while serving coffee with the same high level of integrity.

Seattle Community Outreach

Mighty-O is a patron for Seattle community artists, providing space to hang local artwork in the café. They have also opened their bakery to Seattle schools, educating children about the importance of organic foods and ingredients as well as hands-on donut baking tips. Non-profits can contact Mighty-O for donut donations. Priority is given to requests from Seattle public agencies, schools, PTAs, community arts events,

including programs and projects that improve the quality life of the community in the areas of health, nutrition, education, and environmental preservation.

Mighty-O’s organic and non-GMO donuts are catching on in Seattle. Another shop was recently opened in the Ballard neighborhood, and a third will open soon on Capitol Hill.

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