Published: October 2, 2023

Category: Regenerative Agriculture

Vital Farms recently became the first national egg brand to earn a Regenified™ verification. The third-party verification for the company’s regenerative offering, Restorative Eggs, recognizes the progress made with a core group of farmers using regenerative practices that build soil health in order to increase the land’s resilience to flood and drought. The accompanying Regenified seal is a signal of trust to consumers that Vital Farms is a leader in regenerative farming trying to improve soil for future generations.

Vital Farms launched Restorative Eggs in 2022 after two years working side-by-side with four farms and industry experts to learn about and implement the full benefits of regenerative agriculture. In its first year on shelves, the item cracked the top 10 egg SKUs at Whole Foods Market and grew 23% in dollar sales year-over-year, contributing to incremental growth of Vital Farms’ overall business. Earlier this year, the company committed to engaging all the egg farms in its network in additional regenerative practices by 2026 through training, educational resources, and funding opportunities as a pragmatic and scalable way to support soil health for the long-term.

“Regenerative farming is a natural and crucial extension of Vital Farms’ purpose to improve the lives of people, animals, and the planet through food,” said Nate King, farm support advisor and regenerative agriculture specialist, Vital Farms. “I’ve seen firsthand the positive influence these practices have had for Restorative Eggs farmers and their hens, and for building nutrient dense soil.”

“The impact of regenerative farming is visible on my farm. Adding more animals and cover crops on my pasture has opened the way for healthier soil,” said Jonathan Mast, a Restorative Eggs farmer who works with Vital Farms.

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