Published: March 29, 2022

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survey sent to all known certified organic farms and ranches within the 50 states will help the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) collect data on certified organic crops and livestock commodities.

Producers will provide information on acreage, production, and sales as well as production and marketing practices. Results will help evaluate economic impact of growth in the production sector of the certified organic industry in the U.S. The questionnaires are available at

“According to the 2019 survey, U.S. certified organic producers sold a total of $9.93 billion in products, up 31% over 2016,” said Donald Buysee of NAAS. That is a significant increase, and this upcoming survey will help determine if that type of growth has been sustained.”

The 2021 Organic Survey will provide data for USDA’s Risk Management Agency to evaluate crop insurance coverage to help provide adequate pricing for organic producers.

“I encourage producers to participate in this survey so we can continue to improve federal crop insurance for organic producers,” said Marcia Bunger, Administrator for USDA’s Risk Management Agency. “We now offer an organic price for 84 crops, which is up from just four in 2011, due in part to the information received from this survey.”

Source: USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service

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