Published: October 2, 2023

Category: Organic News

A recent survey of food producers at the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group presents mixed projections for organic retail growth.

When 174 participants were asked about the growth rate for retail organic produce sales in the U.S. this year, the results were:

  • 0% to 1% sales growth: 17%.
  • 2% to 4% sales growth: 36%.
  • 5% to 7% sales growth: 24%.
  • 8% or higher sales growth: 23%

Ninety-eight responded to the question: “What is your expectation of organic produce retail volume growth in the next year?” The majority, 36%, saw 0.1% to 2% volume growth; 18% saw negative to 0%; 19% guessed 2.1% to 4%; and 27% chose above 4%.

Two hundred twenty-two people voted on which retailer had done the best to promote organic: Whole Foods dominated (66%), followed by Costco (14%), Kroger (8%), and Walmart (13%). Producers noted Walmart’s affordability and its aggressive accumulation of SKUs. Whole Foods was praised for its successful marketing of the organic brand.

Source: The Packer
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