Regenerative Agriculture

Idaho farm offers model of regenerative potato farming

Farm’s Roots Potato Chips are one of the first brands to receive Soil & Climate Health Initiative verification Applying regenerative agriculture practices to conventional potato farming is challenging. A root crop, potatoes require tillage, which is minimized in regenerative agriculture. They are also sprayed with lots of pesticides. Crop rotations are minimal with just potatoes […]

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Regenerative farmers ditch GMO seeds in favor of non-GMO

They don’t need GMO traits and can build soil health, reduce inputs, increase biodiversity, and earn premium markets growing non-GMO Genetically modified corn and soybeans dominate U.S. agriculture with more than 90% of those crops planted with GMO varieties. But a growing number of farmers who use regenerative agriculture practices—such as no-till, cover crops, and […]

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Minnesota company offers the first Regenerative Organic Certified® vanilla extract

“To get big, we had to go small,” says Andy Kubiak, co-founder with wife Sara of the Vanilla Bean Project. From the small town of Lakeland, Minnesota (just over 1,600 population), the inspired couple is quickly growing a market for the most sustainable pure vanilla extract in the world. Last year the Vanilla Bean Project […]

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Savanna Institute aims to make agroforestry the norm in the Midwest

Adding trees to farms can help increase farm income, help mitigate climate change, increase biodiversity, and protect water sources In Iowa, farms growing corn and soybeans dominate the state, but one farm in the southeast corner of the state stands out—literally. Red Fern Farm grows trees—chestnut, pawpaw, black walnut, persimmons, heart nut, and Asian pear. […]

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Native American tribe launches regenerative ag project to transform tribal agriculture

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska’s Center for Excellence for Regenerative Native Agriculture aims to diversify tribal farm lands, revive indigenous practices that mimic Mother Nature For the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, preserving its 12,000 acres—particularly its 3,500-4,000 farmed acres—is an urgent priority. Conventional agriculture’s input-driven monoculture and topsoil depleting practices, with increasing […]

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