Regenerative Agriculture

Farms following soil-friendly practices grow healthier food, study suggests

By Hannah Hickey Everyone knows eating fruits and vegetables is good for your health. But these days, stores offer a dizzying array of options: organic, conventional, CSAs, local agriculture. Which ones are best for your health? A new study, published in January in the journal PeerJ, looks at how regenerative farming practices—soil-building techniques that minimize plowing, use […]

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Food brands seeking out Regenerative Organic Certified ingredients

Breathe Deep Farm supplies regenerative organic grains to Happy Family Organics and Alter Eco, while helping to revive grain production in New York’s Hudson Valley It didn’t take long for food brands to learn that Breathe Deep Farm, based in New York’s Hudson Valley, was producing regenerative organic certified grains. Organic baby food manufacturer Happy Family Organics had […]

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Natíve Green Cane Project shows that regenerative organic can succeed at scale

Brazilian sugarcane producer pioneers green cane harvesting, revolutionizes sugarcane production Sugarcane production in Florida, the U.S.’s leading producer of sugarcane to make sugar, is a dirty business. The fields, which are near the Everglades, are burned prior to harvest to eliminate the sugarcane plants’ leaves and tops, called “trash,” to make harvesting the cane stalks […]

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Green Cover Seed leads the charge on cover crop growth

Company’s focus on soil health education leads to business success Regenerative agriculture is a fast-growing trend in agriculture in the U.S. and worldwide. That growth is mirrored in the success of Green Cover Seed, a Bladen, Nebraska company selling seeds for cover crops—an essential tool of regenerative agriculture. 1000 to 1 million acres of cover crops […]

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Organic and conventional farmers see the promise of perennial grain, form co-op to scale it

Perennial Promise Growers Cooperative formed to increase production of Kernza® as a way to build soil health, preserve water sources, mitigate climate change, and revive rural communities Organic and conventional farmers may not agree on farming practices but in Minnesota they are finding common ground on the value of Kernza perennial intermediate wheatgrass. Twenty-five organic […]

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