Published: April 9, 2024

Category: Regenerative Certification

70+ products with Regenerative Organic Certified rice will launch in 2024

Lundberg Family Farms, a leading grower of organic rice and maker of packaged rice and rice snacks, is now the leading U.S. Regenerative Organic Certified food brand, introducing 70+ products made with Regenerative Organic Certified rice across its portfolio. Last year, Lundberg became the first U.S.-grown rice brand to launch Regenerative Organic Certified rice.

Lundberg worked with the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA) to certify more than 8,500 acres of rice, which is 4 times more than the previous year. The California-based brand grows 70% of California’s Regenerative Organic Certified rice and plans to transition the rest of its organic acreage by 2027.

“We’ve been obsessed with growing the best rice since 1937,” said Brita Lundberg, chief storyteller and fourth-generation farmer. “We believe Regenerative Organic Certified represents the gold standard and another step in our journey to leave the land better than we found it. Like life, we believe farming isn’t just about the destination. It’s also about how you get there. After all, what’s regenerative about using toxic chemicals? Rice is a plant that grows in the ground. How we grow it matters.”

The Lundbergs began growing organic rice in the 1960s, three decades before the USDA implemented national organic standards. People called them “those crazy Lundbergs” for refusing to burn rice straw left in their fields after harvest, which used to be standard practice in the Sacramento Valley. Instead, the Lundbergs return the organic matter into their fields to help reduce pollution and build soil. The Lundbergs are no strangers to changing, setting, and exceeding standards.

Industry-leading farming practices

  • Smart water and weed management: In their regenerative organic fields, the Lundbergs drown grass weeds and dry up aquatic weeds instead of dousing their fields with chemical herbicides. This “Dry Up” method of weed management can help reduce global warming potential by 49% compared to continuous flooding.
  • In-house nursery and resident rice doctors: Lundberg grows 17 different varieties of rice and has a team of dedicated rice experts who use natural methods to improve and develop varieties of rice that are compatible with regenerative organic farming instead of chemicals.
  • Wildlife protection and habitat creation: California has lost approximately 95% of its natural wetlands. Each winter, Lundberg floods some of its fields to replicate California’s historic wetlands, providing food and habitat for thousands of wintering waterfowl. After the birds fly away, Lundberg returns water to rivers and streams, where zooplankton from the fields can nourish juvenile salmon.
  • Cover crops and duck rescue: Lundberg also grows cover crops during the winter, which provides natural fertility to their fields as well as nesting habitat for ducks. When Lundberg finds duck nests on its property, they hand carry the eggs to safety. They’ve rescued an estimated 30,000 duck eggs!

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