Published: October 4, 2022

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New York-based Kreher Family Farms, a fourth-generation operation, announced that its zucchini and yellow squash has been Regenerative Verified™ by Soil Regen.

The company entered into a strategic alliance in 2021 with W.D. Henry’s—the two families have worked together for years to promote conservation of agricultural resources in Erie County to enable communities in and around Buffalo to have an ample supply of safe, healthy food.

“Regenerative farming is putting a name to the values that our team members live by every day,” said partner Michael Kreher. “Working with third parties, we can identify ways we can continue to improve our farming practices as new research and new technologies become available.”

The family and 300 team members—representing over 5,000 acres of crops supplying the eastern U.S.—use regenerative practices as a way to care for the land.

Source: Perishable News

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