Published: May 27, 2023

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Maker of the GMO wheat, Bioceres-Indear, reported that 25 mills are mixing the GMO wheat with conventional wheat.

The GMO wheat, which is genetically engineered to withstand sprays of the toxic glufosinate ammonium, was denounced by more than a thousand scientists, producers (both agroecological and agribusiness), and socio-environmental organizations. 

Bioceres-Indear claims that its own studies show the GMO wheat to be safe to eat, but the company keeps the studies confidential.

“It is a fact of unusual gravity from the point of view of public health,” stated a public letter from the Institute of Socio-environmental Health (InSSA) of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Rosario (UNR).

Also, people in Argentina won’t know they are consuming foods made with the GMO wheat because there are no GMO labeling laws in Argentina.

“Not only will conventional wheat be contaminated, but this transgenic, and its pesticides, will go directly to our bodies, to our children’s. The consequences will be very serious and will be seen in the medium and long term. It’s criminal,” said Agustín Suárez of the Union of Land Workers. 

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